Humans mountains

I meet many in my profession who are tired of being strong- I call them human mountains who aspired to be beaches. I am one of them- perishable in matter but magnanimous in spirit,persistent with transformation. If you are human mountain a lot depends on you but you have no one to depend on. You stand and hold for what feels like lifetimes. You are used to feeling used, alone, unsupported but you are a human mountain of feelings so- you still look behind again for love and someday in future admiration comes. A lot depends on you.

Dedicated to all the human mountains

Mountains never complain

I am Too strong

There’s no such support that can contain me

I am Too high

There’s no one standing besides me

Not always there’s someone to celebrate me

They want to climb me

Conquer me

They look too small to themselves

But they can’t here too long

I have to stand alone

When you are destined to be a mountain

Hold the waves of flow inside

You are not the beach this time

And let it sediment

Not in resentment but fertile soil of nourishment

Be the support

Keep your back straight

And continue to Evoke

Strength, persistence, admiration, goals and fortitude of being

You are the support

If you are destined to be a mountain

Stand tall

Let them see

Stay closer to that which gives you meaning look at the core of purpose

And never complain

Your slide will hurt those

Who still need you

So smile and call the winds to play

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