Re-creating self

In therapy, there is a huge focus on self care. What is self care? Does it mean – getting what you want? Striving for it? Indulgences? Or quick pointer from generalised collective intelligence – which have worked for most ( slightly higher than some)- like walk on grass, mindful eating and drinking. Sending body a signal of ease- even a fake one like smiling without a reason

The practical ideas that have been discovered suggest self care is self help to bring your system into state of comfort thus balancing it from the unease caused by subconscious triggers or environmental triggers.

As a counsellor, no one has ever asked what is self created happiness- because it considered too pompous to assume that we are capable of such love for self or it is even acceptable to carry that just for ourself and declare it without sharing. However self created misery- saying in many ways that one is feeling sorry for themselves because of their environment- past or present and they have already accepted the impact of that for future. Each present moment leaves with that imprint on mind.

Yet time, love, frames are fluid and changeable when one can step out of their story and look at oneself as a self created character. For me self love is expression- of pain but also love, of breath so unconditionally given to me. I connect and disconnect from this knowledge regularly but self love is tuning in again. Writing and gardening. Listening to poet – who are interested in observing beauty of being a human. Self love is focusing on the experience and not branding it.

Misery, hope, love- rest and unrest have lived inside me together a and made me choose. From trial error, seeking and unexpected guidance- I have unexpected found a formula for self created happiness- it is tailor made and cannot be replicated. And when you find- seek again

For me, Thinking creatively about self growth and connecting with my experience, nature and breath. Knowledge that we can create love every second- maybe it’s an unrequited love for for a higher self. I seek to learn from divergent thinkers who know at different stages where the ‘nectar of alive’ is,

Who live in authentic feel- this is what it feels like but also contradiction of this is what also it feels like but also what can be and seek it with all their might.

Poet and counsellor Rupika Moitra

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