Flutter and Glide

pexels-photo-769527.jpegI charge the muscles,

I flap my wings,

I soak my lips with assurance of plentiness,

I tickle the quest to satiate purpose:

This flight….

Yes, This flight will land me!

where destinies reside,

I need to ask,

when, when, when

Is that day?

The day of my grandest flight;


I hear no answer,

Although, I do see a kite,

In hand of other,

Can’t choose its flight,

and yet it flies,

It flies, to fly;

It flutters, It glides,

It flies, to fly,

and I dream to Glide,

Of long straight strides,

Of magnificience,

of pride;

And then I remember,

The purpose taught by kite,

I try to remind often,

To honour those flutters:

as I would relish the glides……

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