On a gleaming night like tonight

On a gleaming night like tonite,
Poets can’t sleep,
Lovers crave to meet,
On a night like tonite,
Fairies visit children’s dream,
They smile as they feast on cookies and cream,
A night like tonite,
Hopes rises from fire- built chimneys or frosted window rims,
With warmth, they linger on aura’s seam,
It sits beside and cover the untucked bare shoulder,
And caress the strayed hair,
Softly touches every speck with pecks of care,
Night like tonite,
Flowers flow and hums,
breeze plays the strings,
Souls swings,
Up in the air,
Like tonite,
For many nights,
Blessings finds us,
Moment dangle and dances,
Time stops the races,
Night- like this one,
I wake as I sleep……
– Rupika Moitra

One thought on “On a gleaming night like tonight

  1. Do you have a night when you felt grateful to be alive –
    A night so magnificent, for no special reason.
    Being alive was the reason.
    Is there a story of yours
    A day or a night
    you remember
    for not the life’s history
    but for sheer brilliance of creation

    Thinking does the creator know
    As I thank him and wonder if he’s watching too….

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