As I embrace

pexels-photo-849388.jpegI am pricked by their sounds,

There is a deep low,

Hurling in between heart and gut,

It grows with ruminative thought,

But I think till my wits end,

And then, I call it’s name,

I call it Pain,

And as I call it,


It replies

It grows deep and spreads

And I just say to it

I accept

I accepted, when it was joy

I collected with two hand

I smiled and laughed hearty

And never complained

So now why,

Why complain,

As I find myself at this place

At this pace,

Just, as I said…Accept

It churned hard,

It churned deep,

And it relinquished,

Tell pain;

I agree, I accept;

I learnt to be deeper,

My pain,

It’s hardly been embraced,

I caress,

It pierces, it hurts when it’s close,

But it brings someone with it,

Faintly then surely,

I recognise that stroll,

I am it’s vessel, I am it’s cloak…..


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