Conundrum of love

It has changed, this conundrum,

It was coloured in rose and rays,

Wrapped in glory,

Aimed for grandeur,

Smitten, pulsating

Deep, intense

Fast and impulsive,

Engulfing incompletion,

It paints with colours of dreams,

Rainbows, sunset at beach,

It was shared amongst all,

Joys spread across; smile,

Its always tested at times,

Promising contentment,

Then the colour settles,

Like a wave submerged,

It merged with life,

It’s magic isn’t that bright,

It’s comforting still,

But heart is hung up on invigoration,

Conundrum follows life,

Changes more,

Flags saving, Finding, Raising self

Life grinds more;



Love’s definition are hazy corners

But this heart,

It has tasted bites of rose and rays,

It doesn’t settle for haze,

Set this life ablaze,

Or should I,

bring out the hands,

Folded in thanks,

Still a part of conundrum,


Conundrum of love,

It’s spinning,


loving for love


not letting go,

Of those Colours of dreams,

Of rose, rays and added self beams…


– Rupika Moitra🌹


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