Surreal Moon

pexels-photo-556666.jpegIn the wilderness of my mind, I always move,

I always seek, I always want, I always behold,

Some thoughts, Some dreams,

Some visions, some goals,

To feel the essence, the glory of moon,

The moon, that’s ever-changing, ever-reflecting

the knowledge that’s my own,

The more I wander, The more I grasp,

The more I loose;

I gasp in wonder, in dilemma of my soul,

My moon hides and seeks like my presence,

It loves and lets go the story of its essence,

It moves in me, like an era of time,

It moves in me. like time stands still,

With stillness and pace, it confounds my soul,

For its glory is none to behold,

I smiles at it, at glipmses of my wisdom,

I smile for long, catch them in fractions,

A smile of eternity when love feels real,

An age of serenity when all is surreal …


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