Diary of Soul


I never tore a page,

It wasn’t easy,

I simply read and rephrased,

My Past,

I found nuances in every crossed word,

Every Scar,

Closed eye, I dive within,

Dots of angels. dancing in delight;

Inspiration was lurking at the back door,

Why didn’t I check before,

But there’s never been a better time,

When we find it, there starts times,


Every page, a new phase,

or revisions of wisdom, old,

clothes of soul-washed and rewashed,

for mudslings of all thoughts of ungrateful haze,

and epiphanic pains,

My pages, my soul,

Transparency-its goal,

Erased ink marks, at spots of transparent creases  on sheets,

On some pages, were doodled flowers,

Words missing, for trance and  bliss,

On tasks section, my diary reads,

Ink some flowers on hearts today…..


  • Rupika Moitra



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