Mauve Haze


In purple hues of the dawn sky,

She stands by the sea-shore,

In Mauve haze, her clear eyes,

Wind caressed and cut the same soft skin,

Soothing calm,

Ripples and waves,

Like a rhythm inside,

The grain of sand, like her life,

Bit inexperienced, bit-tried,

Oh! this haze;

She wants to see through it,

Beauty-filled, but she still desires to realise,


which is beyond gaze,

No-where to reach,

There is a calm laze,

Darkening of water contrasting life;

In between the whiteness and darkness,

She is lost somehwere,

She is calm still, 

Haze will move away,

She will,

She will find her way…..

-Rupika Moitra

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