In you, I believe


A fulfilling life path- What is it made of?

I have realised it doesn’t stems from life of penance and pain. Leaving the penance for those who have mastered love, I seek self-love. Pain will be unavoidable, I should thank it for the strength and love anyway.

An accomplished life doesn’t breed in a land of lack, it only survives. Is it not true, that  a nourished life can stretch its branches higher and wider. It grows first and then, it gives. Self growth can be prioritised when self sustainability is not the highest instinct rather its guaranteed.

Abundance contributes to the journey of self-realisation balanced with awareness of self. There is a chance of worth given to you. You are talent and You are hard-work. Carve the target for self, hold your hand and take yourself there with love and complete acceptance. We all have this opportunity, this right, this love inside. Share it amongst each cell. Love yourself with inclusivity. Love with reverence. Love those parts that no-one loves.

Extraordinaire life journey- is yours and mine to walk on. Write your memoir carefully- write of hope, thank every lessons, write of selfless love, write of your inspirations.

Reach for your self-love.

You reaching ‘yourself’ is the target, everything else is taken care of.

-Rupika Moitra

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