Construct of a Man


Consciousness of the world is constantly evolving. Men are not just symbol of strength and valour, but also fathers, poets, gardeners and creator of aesthetically beautiful aspects of life. While feminist energy is a source in synced with universal creation, the masculine forces still harness power- a lot still protect, gather or sometimes even primitively hunt (ruled by instinct and unaware). A lot has been written about woman- to give her courage, so she finds a  voice, a co-dependent existence, a space where she is the provider and she accomplishes.

Meanwhile, masculinity is still stuck in archaic expectations. How much could be instinctive and how much is social clues? I wonder?

Nature works with balance– It work well, when both masculine and feminine energy are operating and contributing to one’s life and society.

There is a lot of mispelt pressure being a ‘Man’. There is a stereotypical expectation of men-taking up sports and being a bread winner. They are bred to be the provider. They are not expected to break down and be vulnerable. There is decades of history known to the world of examples of achievments  from men, especially chasing their dream and making it happen. It is not a priviledge at all. It is a stereotypical, rudimentary expectation on a soul.

Men of the 70’s 80’s- who never cried, they had a strong voice and terrified their own, the men with guns, men that killed animals for sports- those men are ‘endangered’. That Era is gone. The assigned role of carrying out violence is still assigned to them- for their abject physical strength. The need for violence is not solely their’s to share- It’s in the mindset. Universal mind still holds on to the patterns. We go back and get stuck there sometimes. One or two of those men are still around still prominent, they challenge and question the idiosyncrasies of freedom.

More of this world has pen and laptops now, not swords and guns. Let the men cry openly out of this primitive expectation of ‘being the man’. The era of the prototype of a restraint man with restraint emotions is gone. The man of new era loves freely, cares, is kind, walks with us on a spiritual path, is a nurturing father. Allow him that freedom.

If he is a perpertrator, socitey lays the ground for it. Ofcourse, he can cause more damage and he does, at times. He learns to exemplify insenstivity. He is strifled with expectation of the world. Let the masculine side of every being teach- How to march, how to procure but also let it dance.

Would you cringe at a woman in power..Of course not…Progression shouldn’t be questioned, right?

Let the man shed and shred facades of toughness. That would be the real strength of the world. The little boys of the world needs to see a world that life doesn’t bow to archaic patterns, biases of gender. Human eyes speaks louder than words. It is confused by the admiration shown at display of power, flexing muscles and cringing of it, at vulnerabilities. Guide the eyes to focus on how to love with openness.

Human hurts, human cries. Human smiles and Human grows.

The only expectation that we can ever lay on our souls is to be wholesome. The only expectation on our world – should be authentic freedom.

Nurture with pride.

Wishing expansion amongst us all.


.Rupika Moitra

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