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words-letters-scrabble-text-722694.jpegAs blogger, poet or writer, we all must have number of words that we are absolutely in love with. I would love to know what your’s are. A conversation more intimate than I sometimes get to have with close friends coz well, life gets in the way.

You might like the ring to the word or like me, you are fascinated by the meaning of it. That human intelligence has gone so far to give sound and marks – that we call ‘words’ is fascinating.

Here’s a list of my favourite ten words:-

1)EQUANIMITY- a state of being where niether happiness nor sadness can move you. It’s not numbness though. It’s a state of balance which Buddhist aim to achieve.

2) INEFFABLE -(For it’s meaning is so beautiful). Something so great or profound that it can’t be expressed.

3) LIBRE’- It’s a Spanish adjective which means Free. As  in a free man.

4) TRANQUILLO- It’s often used word which means peace or calm. Again another spanish word. By now, you would know my fascination for spanish.

5) REVERENCE- is one of my recent favourite. You see it everywhere in my writings. In my attempt to understand a love of reverence and reverence of a power greater than self.

6) SELF-ACTUALIZATION- It’s a pinnacle where human potential is at its maximum. Used very often in counselling, it  means that No one but you matter in your journey. The power of happiness and sadness lies within you.

7) BLISS- Overused, yet it’s impact still remains. One of its synonyms is paradise. So, if you experience a moment that felt like you were in paradise. That was your bliss.

8) SEEK – Those who seek, receive.

9) CAPRE DIEM -Latin’s great gift amongst many. It’s all in the here and now.

10) IKIGAI- Japanese word for Purpose. Iki- life,  Gai- its effect or fruit. It’s a beautiful word and concept.

What are those words that give you hope, courage, inspiration? Let’s talk about them.

.rupika moitra

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