I have waited and waited all my life… I knew it and I doubted all my life … But the sign yesterday… oh the signs, yesterday!! Every movie you flick, the random personality test, the thunderstorm as I walk outside to say- A loud “thank you” looking up.

We don’t share these things- This mode of conversation is weird. We don’t listen anymore… The focus on appropriateness is killing meaningful living…

If you wanna talk. Let’s talk.. So which experiences stirs you.. what amazes you.. which ones grabs you and shrugs you and says Wake Up. Let’s not talk weather, and coffee. I can’t do a fast food conversation. It’s useful but it’s not It.

I wanted to wake up to the world telling it- I was born for this. Embody that which I believe. There is so much unsaid downpouring of love from the universe on a casual day that I feel ungrateful for suffering for ages.

What is my purpose? Why do I need this world? Why does it need me? What is so unique? This becomes the most soul wrenching question and let it flow and it does introduces you to deeper dimension of self. Parts that you hide from other.

I wish would have more fellows say- A big affirmative “Yes” I knew, I was convinced, I doubted but I know for sure.

I was born for this. counsellor.

Wish we all find that love of ourself and encourage more to listen to your own whispers. Believe in the wonder of your life, and It will show you Magic.

Rupika Moitra

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