Silken thread


Molten honey melts down veins,

 As I absorb every sound, your parched lip makes,

  Thirst lingers, for more of the honey,

 With Silken threads of tunes, your words pull me to you,

 A gush of awe as I feel your breath,

With eyes of admiration, each movement, I devour,

 I pause the moment in my mind

  I play it again,

  Slowing time,

With silken thread, you pull something inside;

                      More weightless than feathers,

                      More stronger than windstorm,

                    I am catapult deep,

                   The Source, seeps,

                   I forgo my castle of conscious,

                   No more a tomb, I begin to flow,

My hand itch to grip, that tousle space in you,

             Tousled filled with words, rhythms,

               Where the song lurks;

                With strings silkened in melodies,

                 You bind me to you,

                 A moment- Forever,

                 This ignited love of ours,

                 Beyond time and tags,

                 Alive in this musical embrace…

                                                                                                  -Rupika Moitra

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