Strangers in a Park

pexels-photo-316889.jpegA Stranger occupied the opposite bench from her.

Every alternative day, She found him sitting there.

She opposed familiarity, Changed Seats;

Yet, unexpectedly, an expectation sneaked in,

To find him there,

He became a part of her day,

After many silent days,

She noticed his clear hazel eyes, smiling at her,

She looked away,

She feared, he will read her story too soon,

Eventually, he will know;

of her predicament,

her fears and all she longed,

But persistence was in eyes of this stranger,

She couldn’t return the gesture,

She began smiling and looking his way,

And suddenly one evening,

He didn’t show up,

Another couple of days, his absence created abyss;

She kept staring at the road, at his bench,

Her night and day occupied,

Why does she feel this void,

And this night, unknowingly a prayer,

knocked at the foot of her heart,

and slipped through her mind,

May he be alright,

May I see him again,

Something seemed unsaid,

Something incomplete,


With weird hopefulness, She returned to the park,

Left alone her bench and walked to look at his,

Disappointment grabbed her feet,

How silly, she thought, Is all this…

Now she resolved, it’s time to leave forever,

This land where emptiness has reeked,

Everything will haunt her, remind her of him,

As she came to her bench,

Perhaps to say goodbye,

Awaiting was this flower bunch,

Confounded, She was,

Is the seat taken?

For no one is to be seen,

She read the note written in bold letters, saying,

“Walk with me, to the other end”

She knew, She could tell, “It’s Him,”

She knew, it was time,

To bid aideu to unfamiliarity,

It was time to walk his way,

To fill their beautiful silence with words,

She thought, she would start with,

“Where, missing have you been?”


-Rupika Moitra

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