My experience with my own Truth and spirituality has always led me to believe that what I was seeking couldn’t be seeked with ambition. The element to let go and let it take you with it, to trust it means letting go of your ‘egoic expectation of abilites.’ and flow with that I called in.pexels-photo-674258.jpeg

Within the shut doors of the house, the walls convulses,

They reverberates with stories,

of love shared, of pain fared,

they turn into filaments,

Aspiring to dissapear,

Merge into thin air,

Walls seek to bring the out, inside,

Between close eyes, the mind chatters.

It pulls and pushes between pain and pleasure.

Refusing to pause thriving in patterns.

It dangles in past stories,

It builds castles of dreams and hopes for future.

Trance breaths between the two.

You arrive at it,

Fleeting, evaporating,

Defying grasp and tendencies of its holder,

It flows,

It calls, it moves, it carves, it imitates,

It rises, It sets

All for flowing,

Till the cup that holds

molds into the Flow…..


Rupika Moitra




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