Eastern mind

It accepts it all with a subtle glow of warmth,

Bend with gives and blessings,

It’s not pompous to claim to know,

Oh!! But it does,

Like telepathy between lover,

Every moon rise,

Every number,

Each flight of bird,

All innate objects speaks;

And yet the silence grows deep,

Universe of signs,

Asks them to rise,

Every sound vibrates with reverence of the soul;


The quest in you,

The meekness in you,

The embracing one in you,

That’s your Eastern mind,

The one that worries less on accounts of results,

And yet it works and carries the pains of life,

That is your eastern mind,

My eastern mind smiles,

When it recognises yours,

It cheers your “karma”

To know yourself,


Know all beyond….

-Rupika Moitra

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