Oh!! Dusky one

grayscale photography of woman on garden
Photo by Yogendra Singh on Pexels.com

Your eyes gleam with kindness and wisdom,

and yet you, paint and paint,

The exterior in colours whose shades cover the brilliance of your own,

The pores of skin scream with the act of cruel disownment,

The self sighs and there somewhere, you hide, amongst it all,

You dim the day and you dim the night of your self-worth

Perhaps, you have accepted,

Alas, you have accepted,

Perhap, they have you, convinced,

That this dusk that evelopes.

This dusk, that creates nascent pattern of setting sun,

Aren’t  beautiful,

Their glow is not riveting,

The light of eye when you smile, when you speak doesn’t reach them,

Earth- born, what can I say,

But what can I do,

When I can’t  forgive you for listening and not rejecting,

Perhaps, the sun and the earth had to reject, projections of shades,

Not everything wants to turn pale and grey,

I yearn to see the shades that scare you,

They are your most beautiful,

But you, I admire when you own your love,

And defy those grades on your creation,

Humanness is inspired;

As you  stand  tall,

It makes all rise,

When in all shades, your glory is embraced

You are of  Sun and Earth.

Seize your blessed self, with pride….

Rupika Moitra

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