Wash me away

photo of person walking on deserted island
Photo by Tom Swinnen on Pexels.com

May tides wash away mortal-ness,

Each expectation, every ounce of greivance sweeped,

Amazement of unbound aliveness underneath,

May lessons of love be etched in heart so deep,

May knowledge be inked in minds concrete,

May the salts of sea rub away all ignorance,

May it tinge the skin, it reeks,

Purify every judgement, all misdeed,


May solace of poetic justice resides,

May the phoenix arise,

To earn the breath of eternity,

To fill winds with peaceful certainty,


Submerge me, dissolve me, surround me,

So I live to see,

songs on lips, paints on hands, Rhytmin minds,

Metal carved for pen not schyte,

Submerge so deep till I drown the burnings of ego,

May I hear chirps and rustles,

May hatred and angusihpass unheard,

smile in bliss

At the thought of this,

No wants or greed,

Collosal tides of hope consume worldly volcanoes,

I won’t rest for they stay dormant,

May the tides freeze them to freedom


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