Subtle gives of love

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Eleven years of relationship has washed away every marketed assumption of love. Every gross emotion had nothing to do with love. Passion and promise played their parts, yet it never filled the uneneding tunnel of wants. At the end of it, I was still standing alone. I wasn’t letting in

Scared, I wasn’t free, still.

As a counsellor, I understand how ego slightly creeps into it and asks ‘What about me?’ It’s all about me!! I have indulged, I found myself in highlight but i didnt find meaning in me. Here’s what I  have learnt up until now amongst all illusions …


The presence of warmth of early morning sun,

When it flows, it clears muck

Spaces some, reserved for fun,

The inner child smiles and run,

It wrenches and digs,

Twitches the gut in knots,

Pain broils in there,

Ready to erupt,

It sits to close in depth,

It brings it out with  a tug,

We push it away with all might,

It pulls back still covered in grime,

Still gentle, milder and wiser,

It’s the listener,

It plays with your perceived imperfection,

Experiences unique distinct- ion,

It sings,

I have heard it before,

The tunes of the UNI- Verse,

It spreads around in forms of kindness,

 No pursuits of obtaining,

Fills the self like loving,

Only loving self, loves;

Will you give it to self ?

A chance to love- Self?

Love an other,

Imagine them with darts at your pressure points of pain,

Be terrified,

Do it anyway,

Through it all,

Hope they aim for self……



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    1. Thank you for your kindness. It’s a gift to be able to appreciate with openness. May life be kind to youπŸ™πŸ½

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