Tapestry of love


multi colored laces
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

This tapestry of love is mystical,

Sews of sensitivity shines out in yellows,

Butterflies in plum thread are the moments of passion,

Reds are burnt from flames of separation,

Somber blues- the palpable pain, the heart endured,

But, right next are orange flowers sewn,

Gift of creativity from the caves of separation,

Pink waves for countless imagery the mind travelled in,

Green grounds of circles of sharing nothing but silences,

Envelopes the entire mesh

The hollow bits- unsewn,

For the journey still unfolds,

And love takes, still many shapes,

Pass many waves,

Some days – pours,

Some days craves,

I see a lot of yellow and green in my mesh,

Too easily mixed,

And the hollow spaces,

They crave a name,

Translucent, I call them,

They take the colour of the eyes,

When they lit up the sky,

As you walked in again;

Like it was the first time….

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