Inner God

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Inner god shows up some days

love thy neighbour, it says;

Focus on the unloved,

The unaccepted,

The frail ones,

The unaccustomed ones,

Inner god grew as we listen

We gave it power and now feel it’s joy

There’s strong sense of duty,

But it’s not burdensome,

it is you- complete in joy and ready,

Ready to share gifts of luck and strength,


your legacy of kindness

O’ Broken one,

You can Bless and love

Coz you live today

Believe it,

nourish it,

Listen to it,

when it says

It was great luck,

I wasn’t distracted when inner god spoke

Only whispers,

Like smoke of scented candles, it rose;

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And filled the void with warmth and cozy dose,

Are you listening to yours?

Inner god will speak today, again

Will we listen??

Will we be present?

Will we act?


Will it linger?

Will it grow steady and strong?


Will it pass away? 

You decide….



—Rupika Moitra

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