The seed of self keeps losing itself,

The plant keeps finding itself afixed at a crossroads,

The seed was thirsty, after being planted in the garden.

It was watered with care for the first week, maybe two,

Then expected to flower which it couldn’t bear.

The plant grew up always looking for those that could appreciate,

But, without it,

It did survived,

Possessions of Earth were suffice,


It can quench thirst of others with fruits,

Lucky for it,

It lives in the present,

It can’t choose to hold onto its grievances,

The mind of man holds pots of it,

It expects too much,

Maybe the answer is in giving away,

Not wasting away in worry of how to receive,

But the mind deceives,

The mind might learn someday from the plant,

To give away your fruits freely,

The gifts of smile and kindness,

Until, there is no more to give

And no more desire to take,

What is your will be yours forever,

The earth’s nurtures abundantly,

May the parts of us that are thirsty, stay quiet,

May the chirping sounds of gives resounds in our souls,

May we let them…..

– Rupika Moitra

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