– to comply to the norm.

A line from many movies that is stuck to the brain- new brides being told often that men have needs and they need to be met, so they don’t try and meet them outside the boundaries of relationship. So what are deepest instinctual needs and calling of a woman? The most natural need that I know for sure is to grow and nurture life.

Life in the 21st century, profit based, egocentric and consumerist driven would happily diminish a working model of child nurturing and outsource it to a business model of child care, so we can grow more workers in a nursery to develop further needy and unfulfilled consumers who are looking to buy that mother’s nurturing from shop in forms of a branded shoe.

I see mass confusion and judgements of society driving mothers to productivity of nonsense just by shaming their contributions. Are all the answers in doing and earning paper and acclaims of strangers?

Our gratification are rooted in thwarted concepts of profitability measured in paper(money) and appraisals, when both the product and service is honestly S**t against our natural capacities. Can we develop them – sure, 100 percent but is that the good use of our skills and efforts. We are spending long hours in work, we don’t like and it doesn’t like us to train linear thinking, when it is time is to develop multifaceted thinking and multitasking. If every aspect of human lives are dehumanised then we are okay to expect work horses and cattle farms for a world full of apathy and judgement for those who stray. But that’s our new normal.

Motherhood teaches so many profound lesson. Where can be apply them? In a corporate environment around insensitivity. A world based on survival instinct. A dog eats dog world. A world of alphas. The alphas had a mother too. Not her abilities but the use of them and the circumstances questionable…. isn’t it?

The world has always been unfair to most. Do we then still dream that it changes to factor in minds of philosophers, artist and deep thinker. It never does. Some still try and live a life authentic to self. Don’t fight self. Accept self and accept the calling of the soul. I refuse to follow and I also refuse to hurt when judgements of followers step on a that of a rebel. Some are here to change the world or die trying. Some are here to just fit in.

Do what you want- work and play and create and nurture but do it not to satiate the small minded community around you but give voice to your calling, no matter how unprofitable it seems at the moment. At the end, you should be proud of the choices you made because you will have to live wth them. May we choose wisely and may the world turn inwards to its more authentic grounds.

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