A promise to self,

To trace the real,

Scanning each shelf of collected intelligence,

Unpacking early leant approach,

Dissolving all notion of right and wrong,

A give to self

Of an unadulterated self, The ages old self,

The loving self that wants to live without expectation

A promise to self

To let it out somedays

And roam free

And take no notions

Hold no values

Just being in rested peace

Just doing without attaching to result

The accumulation of cells have taken up a form, a shape, an identity, an ego.

Comes with the ego are many expectations,

Many hurts,

Many judgements of truth and lies.

Peace becomes temporary.

A state of acceptance of permanence of change

A state to do when needed

A promise to love self without cause

A promise to love the world with fervour

To ask for change of that which hurt most

And ask to stop and appreciate and call out when in joy

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