The Politics of Divide

In efforts to understanding humanity, I found myself.

One of my favourite subconscious work is reading the writing in the wall ( with invisible ink) and ask “Why is it this way?”

I think every human attaches meaning to the well-being of his kind, of his or her kin and then extend it out to other. Eventually with evolved cohesion he/ she finds that others are a part of self. “Me and others together make a whole.” I am fortunate to start witnessing and understanding the politics of nations and the complications of each which has opened my intellect to new domain.

Here’s my understanding:

Leftist vs rightist

Leftist principle : It is innate human instinct to empathise, to share, give to those who don’t have, raise the ones that falls below the line in a divide. We have formed societies that focuses its attention in acquiring and thus came the leftist, the Labour Party, the socialists: that stand for sharing of the acquisition with the ones who are left behind.

Spiritual law for leftist : When empowering those who need, we don’t to feel bad for our blessings. We don’t need to see us as above them or below them because the energy flows abundantly in our lives. We simply accept and then simply share and allow it to flow to them. Like a pipe that doesn’t need to be squeezed in the middle so it flow with force towards the end. It will bursts at the start.

What happens when we feel bad about our abundance is opposite of kindness. As everything, kindness can only flow when you are kind to self

Leftist in India have left the country devoid of self- esteem. We join in as weakling squirming together like worms. We don’t live ourself and we are expected to love everything other than ourselves. Muslim appeasement at the political front comes at a cost of major religion feeling like they are horrid because they are majority and somehow the enlightened need to always stand against their religion, ancestral values because it’s not cool and support the other at the cost of themselves. This self sacrificing is deluding because instinctively, we are here to be fulfilled, to feel good about ourselves.

As a Hindu, I see myself being upset when I see my kinds aggressively propagating our believes but defending has been an absolute necessity. Yet the intrenched value system makes us fight the aggression in ourselves, our kinds and others. Aggression in self can’t we fought by calling ourself wrong. Yes, injustice need a protesting voice but a voice that is sure that it is for love and from a place of love. We find aggression distasteful and that is the gift that Hinduism has given us and so we stand against our own kinds sometimes. I see that as India’s strength used against it.

One facet of Rightist: Religious politics

Work hard, buy hard. One that will work hard will enjoy the fruits of success. That is based on law of karma. Don’t who are unfortunate are the ones that are lazy.

This rightist approach does not include Dharma: only righteous actions then it is fruitful. Intention is key. Waiting hard and then buy and waste Earth’s resources and encourage wastefulness.. buy to pump economy… more than you need. Sell and market everything.. you life, your style. Just keep feeling good and engaging vanity. That is not abundance.

Absolutely, Take what you need, share and be abundant but don’t waste Earth’s resources.. treat it with love. Ultimately the energy in your hand that you exchange to buy is a piece of a tree. Pleasure seeking is addictive.

“When there is no purpose, then we seek pleasure to delude ourselves.”

Another facet of rightist: Spiritual Politics says Work hard, propagate wealth and share it. Propagate opportunities. Built self esteem. Build a human : give him courage to stand in determination and make a conducive environment of fulfilled basic requirements and then see him blossom. Create structure, discipline, system: use gifts of logical mind and use creativity and emotions. Don’t hide your gifts in quest of humility. It’s a dharma based masculine society with focus on order. You are as strong as your weakest link so empower your weakest link with compassion.

Spiritually, Our intellect creates divides to keep us safe. It’s a survival mechanism. Our intellect is constantly profiling based on status, religion, area of living, clothes, colour, race. There are countless ways to divide: a human from another. India is also a country of yoga: yog is to join. Spiritually, for generations we know this: to reach your highest self : we must join. We must be peaceful. We must be accepting.

Truth doesn’t need to scream and is never purposed at divide. Truth integrates. Insecurity scream. Truth just has to be and not even whisper.

A religion, if based in truth of humanity doesn’t need to be in fear. Yes, there is a need to culturally exercise your ancestral ways of doing things to keep its essence alive. A feeling of values being her eternally but the highest value always is love. We can and should enjoy our ancestry without fame and without shame. It just is.

Love for self, love for those who are not like us.

If any law of nature, religion, politics makes you hate then questioning of that law becomes impertinent.

The change is an internal mechanism. Change doesn’t come by externalising. We shout for change because our convictions are not strong enough and we fear the influence.

We fear how others see us. We should fear how we see others.

If we don’t divide, we won’t feel divided.

Stay blessed everyone.

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