Worry, my friend

Worry, my friend,

She is most concerned,

All is well but she is perturbed,

She whispers and whispers,

Of every wrong,

I list, take precautions, Prepare, Organise and then some,

now, she come with her favoured ones;

Unknown, unseen & unheard,

Whispering her favourite task,

To think and overthink,

She takes her chore seriously,

I take mine,

I hear her and let her move,

I stay here in ease,

As her tales of what could go wrong, grooves;

I move,

I tell her, I helped

To ease the burden,

I reach out into life and maintained

But, now I live,

Now, I bend,

I rather face then hear you say,

I will thank you later

For now,

You shhhh……

-Rupika Moitra

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