Words are not just for claps and praise,

They are scribed in mist of air,

In the dust, In the waves,

They trickle down, they drizzle

Lucky me, I pick some

They are to brings hope

They are to ask you to hold on longer,

They are to affirm

“You are loved”

Words have wings,

They can fly,

They move from mind to mind,

They create ripples,

Those ripples move and are passed down generation after generation,

My wings have me spellbound,

They didn’t come from me,

They don’t belong to me,

They pass through me,


I love their power,

I pass it down with love,

So we can all fly to land of love,

I am here to Raise,

The young ones coming will need, all wings of love

Words are here;






Words that dent the very wings that rise on,

Every power has a price,

Price is to stay still,

Every moment- A chance


Evoke your RISE

-Rupika Moitra

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