Trends Of this Millenia: I watch and I wonder. How long is this fad for?(The trends of no this or that to give)

You are a wordsmith;

Your Prowess is Your knowing,

Knowing each word;

you speak, you hear, your think,

Contain sublime power,

Power to heal, Power to hold onto love,

Power to voice against injustice,

Reverberation of your words,

create ripples in the universe,

Are you calling someone in pain

With hatred to stay away

Are you asking them to come and join the

Occassion of love.

Tiny tiny ripples turn into waves of ocean and have power to turn into tornado.

They turn the world around

yet you choose to always use them to take your power back.

Trying to draw the boundaries of your vessel.

Scared. We are of losing our power,

& that’s clarifies the voice of anger,

Follow what’s worth following,

Yes, conserve Yes, preserve but ultimately serve

Don’t throw away your words.

Say what you have to say

Only when you stop absorbing your environment

Can you know what you have absorbed?

Can you check it’s quality?

identify the content and their purpose,

They can live in you for eternity,

You can pass them on,

Pass of purity or purpose,

Live, laugh and learn – that which serve wellbeing –

Ours and parts of us that remains with all

-Rupika Moitra

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