If power is bestowed upon,

Will it ascend, flow to all,


Will we crouch?

And hold onto lion’s share,

Will it aggravate afflictions?

Suffer, we all

Suffer alike

Wait till I am ready,

To be conscious

Let me not suffer my unconscious

Let me not part from where the Others resides in me,

Let me not cause Sufferings,

Let Power come,

Only when,

I am ready;

Let me prepare,

Then let’s compare,

My conscious, our conscious

The consciousness of cosmos eternally knows,

How it began,

How it will begin again,

Again and again;

I call upon and find you, consciousness

Hidden behind multitudes of selfish share for myself

If we knew, how filled we are

The divine order that fills

How stingy will we be??

The only regret then

We didn’t give enough

– Rupika Moitra

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