Vessel, to the Ocean

O’ Ocean,

As I experience you within,

Fill me with your enormity,

So I can protect my integrity,

Fill me with your love.

So it pours, flows, heals and rubs,

Those wounds, those stubs,

Fill me with your calm,

So I can patiently wait to life works charm,

Fill me with your ethics and perseverance of task,

So I can continue purpose to cast,

In shapes of delight,

In joys and pains, let me ebb then flow,

Fill me to continue,

Fill me, fill them,

Fill me to fill them,

Flow through me effortlessly,

Accept my surrender,

My use is my utter delight,

Fill me with your knowing,

So I remember where I am from,

Let me find you within,

As I try to hold you,

Remind me to flow again,

O’ ocean,

We are one

Majestic and abundant,

Filled with love…..

– Rupika Moitra

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