Day of Birth


It’s been a while on Earth.

Realisations have dawned and poured,

So, What is a birthday?

Logically and rationally: Earth has completed a full round around Sun and now it’s will do it again. Within that frame of moments: Many physiological changes mainly moving towards decay. Making physiology worthy of holding onto and hurraying around. Hopefully, some emotional and intellectual ascendence as well and round as circle it will keep going again.

Poetically and illogically: It is a day of observance and reflection of the changes that have occurred within and around. It is also the day to stocktake, what we understand as LOVE. How much we are loved because love is only felt when in relation to the others. The greater the lengths of preparation, the more they love you, isn’t it??Another set of quantifying factor in the more people around you to wish you, the more you are loved. It is THE DAY OF ESSSENTIAL EGO TICKLING. We need a healthy ego to go on with the chores of life, to accept the mundane, to ride the waves of ups and down.

(Privileged are those who have time to pose questions)

Redefine birthdays or rather finding a meaning to ritual rather than accepting a circus just because it has always been this way. Some pertinent questions, it raises to those who study human behaviours as hobby. Action: motives, purpose, emotional connect, meaning making.

In these years on Earth, Do I know how to live well?

In relation to wanting to receive, have I given enough?

Striving vs flowing: Have I found my course?

Have I been authentic to myself?

Does our love for them matter?

What has filled me? What can fill me? What is futile exercise?

As the Earth completes another round, can I share openly without claims or blames the bounty that flowed towards me it was sun’s energy converted in many forms after all. Can this palpable joy of day of birth be propagated into smiles and more smile. Can the ego be told to be content, accept the love but not with greed nor starvation of compliments. Pain of complaint will hurt less, then. Accept the Bliss of the moment, that it can spills over

Birthday: A day to Thank again a million times over, this magnificent mechanics that empowers : to feel, to wonder, to pry at the unconscious from time to time and nudge us to wake up, if only for a little while.

-Rupika Moitra💐

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