#GetWellSoon Movement

Intentional Wishes have power to heal. It all starts from healing your emotional pain, giving strength to the receiver to action towards recovery. When you have emotional grit, you have reserve essential to get through physical pain.

We reserve our wishes for physical pain, mostly: gross pain that can be seen. What about our subtle pains? Subtle, perpetuating pain. Do we see it? Whatever your microcosm of world, the waves of pain and joy, continuously ebbs and flows.

Do we see a jolly colleague suddenly feeling low. We leave him to recover on his own. What if inside he is screaming for help? What if we could tell him : we see the pain. What if we could convey: we have pain too? It’s not uncommon, you see. You pain is valid but we stand by you as you recover. We can talk to indulge your mind into informations of joy. We can be your source of lean or power today. We can effort to heal.

Most people need a well intent, empathetic tribe for emotional pain. We are too careful as a society not to muddle ourself with others affairs but we are isolating each other and ourselves.

While the intent was to be sensitive, we are becoming invalid to use our muscle of approach and empathy.

Perhaps, we will find shame sitting next to pain but that was a seat of a friend.

It is my urge and prayer that we have the courage to walk up to someone around us and ask them with intent of listening: ‘R U Ok?’ Before walking up-to them, let’s pray a silent prayer : that they ‘GET WELL SOON’

The aim is not to embarrass them but to give them permission to feel and not suppress that which they can’t. The aim is instead to help them find their own empathy for the emotional pain they are experiencing. To propel and bring forth the awareness as their friend, colleague or world citizen : Everyone need healing.

The aim is to give them power.

You might get shrugs, you might need to be bold to do this and you might be mad like me but The world that works like ” BAU- Business As Usual” is more maddening. Walk with the urgent need to give your love and if you stumble on the way or are not received well, have comfort knowing: You asked, you tried and then try again.

More prevalent is our emotional pain. Only if we could show the bruises.

The world is you and me. The world changes from you and me. I much rather would like to see a weird and compassionate world than a overtly sensitive and blind world convulsing inside in volcanoes of pain.

Let’s make it a campaign. Let’s call it #Getwellsoon.

– Rupika Moitra

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