Wind chime

It transports me through soulful tunes to doorstep of a Buddhist shrine,

It breathes in the breeze and breathes out, in calming rhythmic vibes,

Amidst, so many chores, why do you call?, I ask,

It smiles and gently brings me back,

To deeply breath life,

As though saying, ‘Embrace silence, leave the noise behind’

A string of faith holds its fragility and strength together.

A bamboo disc gyrates in between brass rods with mystical hollow,

Some days, I picture it as a graceful girl in a long dress, who gives power to those who stand next to her and press her to caress

Someone who in the strongest windstorm never yells or shouts for help

But keep repeating the learnings to herself

One who with practice preaches to face noise with calm,

I can detach myself from this echo whether I am in the vicinity or not

I hear it as quietly as my breath

It immersed mind in wavelength of peace until you hear each incoherence of brass bamboo and strings

Breeze brings his friend rain to meet my windchine some days

They jam together like old friends

Spectating plants look up with uplifted cheery gaze

My wind-chime sings prayers of solace and claims the zone of life where craze ends

– Rupika Moitra

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