Self love

The thorn and the bloom- they stick together. But the eye choses it’s view

To know self- love, we start with trying to know what is self made of.

Uniquely, the quantities differ but our light parts and shadow bits come together to make the self

The process of understanding self begins with understanding our quirks, our low- points, our stoops. If we deny to know them only claiming to look at ourself or striving to aim for high. We are stuck in hamster wheel getting no where.

So what can my shadows tell me. When I am pushed, shoved, unwanted, unattached, passionate, competitive- what parts I am trying to fill. My moral compass was created by who? I do it cause I should or would I do it even if I have no example or showing of it.

The light bits are not so giving to understand. What would be like to believe about the self. That how different can it be from its source. If the source is powerful and fulfilling. Why am I still fluttering when I can glide. We communicate to self to fill the void of connection that shows itself in glimpse- compassion, rest, effortlessness, freedom to express. Why do we deny what doesn’t agree with all? Are all awake? Are all asleep? Am I awake? When will I wake up?

We know we are whole because we give to ourself. We don’t control what others can or cannot do for us. We control what we can for the ‘self’ be the parent it needs, let the child inside play and don’t deny the child for it hunger of an extra chocolate. Don’t bully the child inside to be a certain type that fits with the unconscious limited vision of the world. Let it bloom and be patient. Love it not at the finishing line for winning. Love it throughout

Let the limitations of mind not define i things that can be held

See the unlimited potential of love of self and give a hug to the shadow coz they complete the ego. They protect and serve personal justice. When all is safe, then peace can come. Then love and then bliss of being with self

I aim to know,

I claim to know,

I don’t blame for not knowing,

The unknown played its bits,

But once in consciousness,

Together it glows

All that is left to do

Is let it flow

-Rupika Moitra

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