Parenthood and Success

Hobbies of inner child: Chasing bliss

Moulds are many,

Good nurturers as any,

Mine is never quite ready,

May it never be,

Fixed and formed,

It moved, flows, grows and evolves,

It is vast enough to fit ‘childhood of the world’

Deep enough to submerge ‘the crave of carer’s love’

But the hope is

that I bask in the glow of children’s wisdom

And they openly share their learnings,

We can trade then;

My Experience for their carefreeness

My strive for security and their love for adventure

My plans for their presence in the moment

And we can laugh at my follies,

Laugh at ‘the meaning of adultness’

And then

We flip pages,

They are adults and now a new dance begins,

In my heart, tucked away is childhood

Mine and their’s

Mine, I live through them,

And they can try now, being the sensible, careful,

Be the Learned one and see

I still smile with awe at the cyclical turn of roles;

The adults need to play some more

And the child can grow some more

– rupika moitra

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