Wide and Warm

I sit wrapped in a blanket,

In a chilly new landscape,

Grateful though,

For this blanket is,

Wide and Warm,

I am safe in it,

Although, still a little scared,

Photo by James Lee on Pexels.com

There are these birds, 

They flutter,

Their wings hurt,

Invisible blood splutters,

I invite them in my blanket,

I can nurture,

For my blanket is,

Wide and Warm,

The warmth soothes them,

The knowing soothes me,

I can tend to their wounds,

The feathers of their wings returns,

Old wounds sealed, 

New feathers revealed,

Some soon, some late,

All heals;

And now comes time for them to fly,

No flutters, no splutters,

They glide,

Knowing of this blanket, that is,

Wide and Warm,

Sensing the blanket and I,

Will always make space….


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