Here’s a question for human race

So, Art competitions and poetry competitions

And story telling competitions

So let me spell it out;

It’s Art Inspiration,

Poetry amalgamation,

Story compilations,

Music concerts,


Sports competitions

How do you judge?

What the eyes perceive

What The mind projects

In brush strokes

Or weaves in language

The hands scribble in rhythmic motion

Can perceptions be arranged in scales?

You don’t get this now

Then you pay for a dead artists’ pain in Gold

This compilation of thoughts- afterthoughts is better than that

How you see the world vs how I see the world…

Whose is this judge?

Who marks paintings and scores poems?

What are his credentials?

Human race: How long will you race?

Where are you going?

And who are you competing against?

Imagine if the gods of rains and the gods of fire competed for attention

This energy of strive,

And synergy of spite,

Fate against fate,

Run fast and fight,

Haven’t we survived?

Look over the shoulder,

When is it time?

To self- realize ….

– Rupika Moitra

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