Broad strokes

Broad strokes

You, as a mix of broad strokes and details,

What do I see first as ‘the other’?,

I see those eyes that are pools of kindness,

I also see the stoop of pain sometimes,

I see the profoundness of your experience,

The love letter that time writes on you,

I only remember the quirks and uniqueness -the curve of your smile,

I see the broad strokes first and then move to fine,

If we still have time,

So what is your boldest expression?

Of decorum, manner, civility?

Or authenticity, humility and flow?

I focus how you flow,

To see if we mix and glow,

Universe smiles when broad strokes are bold,

Those are gifted in wisdom’s gold,

I can tell when you have basked in those, boldbroad stroke of yours…

And admired the creativity of the painter,

And those day, when you focused on perfecting,

This power of correcting or accepting,

Let it stay with you,

Those quirks of the soul,

As a witness,

And lover of vibrance,

May I request,

I came to the show, not in search of perfection,

But submersion in the whole,

Don’t hide this painting,

The pressing need of vibrance,

Don’t sit inside, unknown,

Forgive that critic,

Their bold strokes may not be formed,

Embrace this painting as it continues

to evolve …..

– Rupika Moitra

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