Kaleidoscope wala

As I pass aside your mind

A trolley Cart, in my hand

And I have your attention for a while

You are intrigued to look inside : it

And I are intrigued to look inside : YOU

And we both find, what??


Swirls and frequency evoking curiosity

Anything but statistics,

Lost in swirls, we seek to find,

We walk together in those waves and circles

As your kaleidoscope wala,

I change the frame of reference,

From time to time,

You- as the important one who is always very busy,

Your time is of essence,

And still you bestow me with it

This gift of your indulgent wandering,

As you watch

We transfer inside the box

It’s scary and joy mixed in themselves

And now comes the time to turn

Another colour, another mood,

But darkness would come first,

And I get to hold your hand

And take you through

What comes next

We couldn’t know

The journey got so beautiful

We forgot our cool ride

Now, as you get ready to jump back in,

To your busy world and importance games,

I will be just here


Thinking how we swirled and mixed

Love and grief

And changed the frames

Transcended, Perhaps

Dissolved and delayed;

To catch the early train to cash in your intellect,

What can I say


Come again

Let’s do this again

– rupika moitra

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