I, the nurturer

I feed that which

Makes, Breaks, Plays, Rakes,

Roams, explores, fights and


Without me,

You can chase;

Name, fame, honour, gains


Lost, you still will be

Craving for maker to send you a haven

I am the sub

In your ‘sub-stance’

I am the goddess Durga

I am kali

I am the space

When I fill in, you experience specks of your existence,

From my womb, you rise

For my love, you crave

Insatiable- your conquers

Indefinite- your gains

Uncertain- your joy

Meaningless- you name

You poke, plot and break me

Ask me – who I am?

I smile and nurture, still

I am abundance and patience still,


Don’t fool yourself with ambitious whims,

Without me;

Your stance reveal

The nothingness of being

The emptiness of power

The barren plot of dream

– Rupika Moitra

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