Now a book: Flutter and Glide

Flutter and Glide: Ready to Soar

Gratitude is long due: for this special society of writers and poets that understand, read and most importantly keep it alive.

You have made Flutter and Glide: it’s conception, it’s birth, it’s nourishing to its publishing : so meaningful and enjoyable for me. This medium of epiphany-sharing has build me up and strengthen those subtle bits that don’t want noise but just a voice.

More love more power to all the creators, the weekend writers, the weekday writers, the poets who make it relevant.

Condensed version of selected poem from the blog are now available in Kindle version.

Kindle version : Flutter and Glide

Paperback is available in US, Canada and Australia for now. version: Flutter and Glide

It wouldn’t have been possible without your consistent support.

With deepest gratitude- Rupika Moitra

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