Dreams of poets: Flutter and Glide Released as a book

From the poet and now author of flutter and glide: “As you draw the line and circles in pattern and turn them into words. They play together: twirl and twist to speak to life’s lived lesson. You watch yourself from outside and laugh at the quirks and the follies. The fact that those swirl can bring lights to shadows of a unconscious. This in itself is the greatest gift one can ever draw in their life but to share it to the collective conscious is the ultimate dream. It binds and connect us : the poet, it’s muse, it’s reader. Compliments are optionals but approval feels amazing but more than that what keeps the poet going is her use to human minds. The flicker that those swirls and line can create. A widening of perception and imagination of the readers.”

Let’s hear them them.

Have you read flutter and glide?

If you have a favourite poem of mine, please share with #moreofthis

-with warmth


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