Govern thy Self

10 values for self by self

I am indifferent to flaws of others

I am patient witness to my evolution

Consistency makes my work competent

Ease of being is the crux of my bliss

Luxurious living is having the time to indulge in a deep breath

Gratitude is great friends with my prana- my life force, my life source. We meet often

Where my beautiful eyes fall, it catches beauty

I was born of pleasure, I was birthed with grit, I am received with joy, I am held with sacredness and care, I received grace, I relished love, I gifted myself decadence, I rebelled norms, I questioned old, I transformed as I played- This celebration of me is incomplete without return gifts of grace

May I coagulate now this sense of value and make them feel heard and seen.

Sapling of love grows into a tree of hopefulness, bearing grace for all

– Rupika Moitra

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