In company of eccentrics

Here was my clue,

How are you? He asked


I said “well-rested”

I didn’t mean to send shame back at those being busy,

This confused or dazzled mail man,

Greeted like the daylight in my sequinned burgundy dress,

He expected beige and uncharacteristic cold,

Perplexed my inspiree

eccentric self is multi fold,

Hopefully bright out of his mail sac, please

someone rested,

Or something playful,

Some some relief,


Buzzing this sac with more black and beige,

Million attempted packs of self love?

My sequins fell in as I try to pry,

As I signed in for my luck,

A little opening to giveaway,

I wish the sequins travel far,

One each for all eccentricity marred,

Burgundy sequins went around the block,

We wait for the evening

To see if buzzing stopped,

My pamphlets are ready

I think they worked,

The mailman came dressed in sky blue

We are invited to play a game,

Some Circle around clues

Some are in charge of unboxing the present breath,

Some find the key that seeks the lock,

poets are starting to leave notes,

To whom it may belongs

the distributor of burgundy sequins

Carry an umbrella before stars starts to fall

– rupika moitra

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