Treasure Hunt

Vulnerabilities will warn you about getting lost, burning self. Tell it you know, tell it you are safe

Put it out there in light speed

Vulnerabilities just did a head spin

Until it holds

I have to try and find the missing piece

But I have to integrate these parts

They need to come out of their hiding

Out is our best chance

They are guaranteed a space within again

Just boxed in a special way

Found an Ally

It feels safe to walk alongside

Buried under some pieces of fragile innocence

Is dark shades


Preyed by preyed

And filled with murky bits


It glows like an alien

I am here to instal a glass door

More paths to the cave

Coming and easing out of pain

Talking to it and understanding this fame

The ally holds on stronger

It’s aura grows as we get closer

It’s intent and grit to walk with me to my pain

It can lend its strength

Getting used to testing the vulnerability

Assured I am that the ally will come

Again and again and again,

It will never refuse to walk with me

Because the ally and the cave

The child, the alien

All lives in me

– Rupika Moitra

Poet of Flutter and Glide

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