Another one in Cave

The voices in cave echoes

I was strolling in memory lane

It swooped me and carried me to this dark cave

Mountains of red grave,

It’s alley after alley of compressed voices

Silent shrieks of ‘can’t’ ‘won’t’ ‘shouldn’t’

Chains of pain ropewalk have been forcefully cut before

This cold, sinister place

I have lost but my only comfort

I have walked here before

I cut that steel chain that stopped my feet from dancing

Something tells me I won’t walk out


Yet something also tell me, I returned


I am looking for the warmest corner

This cave holds me in for couple of days

Covered in tattered pieces,

A creature comes here

They covered themselves then ate away the woollen scarf I bought here

It had mosaic of flowers in rust gold and yellow

Now they are crumbs of spitted hope

It’s only for something

My warmth will hold

I sat there awaiting the creature

I didn’t realise, I am

Sitting on a grave of mementos

Of Puppy love, worth, self belief

Disco dancing, pencil boxes and picture frame, key chains

I came to retrieve

take them back to the garden

I leave another scarf

White and orange paisleys this time

For the creature who guards these memento

He left hooks to find himself back here,

I wish I could take it into light

She is accustomed to playing in dark and guarding her shade…

Rupika Moitra

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