Warmth of Enough

The dance of light and fire in me

I flew to many aspirations

Perhaps, the aspirer compensates for the lack of heart’s warmth

Inner fire wanted to be lit with knowing

I am loved – a lot

I can love – a lot

My fire could lit a thousand abodes

All those without warmth

Many like me, their fire comes from lack of Grace

Still waiting for a welcoming abundance embrace

My cells can’t forget the warmth

I hold it in long and let it go

I let it linger

Then I whisper to the fire

The addresses of all those without warmth

May they all feel a moment of

Enough hay, Enough love

May the finds of the road lead through this passing

Where I can stop and count my enough

I leave some hope seeds for those others to sow

I can take back to one nest higher-a moving threads of light

that lights up the

‘Loved one’ in me

-rupika moitra

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