Warmth of Enough

The dance of light and fire in me I flew to many aspirations Perhaps, the aspirer compensates for the lack of heart’s warmth Inner fire wanted to be lit with knowing I am loved - a lot I can love - a lot My fire could lit a thousand abodes All those without warmth Many... Continue Reading →

Seeking The Subtle

Seeked the Ether before? Or stumbled on the juice accidentally. Let’s make a promise to the new moon to be present and ready. It will pass us this cycle, let’s wait in stillness

Ticket to Freedom

  Confidence, Self-Belief, are just sounds echoed till we actively seek, To project and believe, A daily task to open shackles of doubt, To unleash potential and let it sprout, Each day, I walk towards it, Then I take a few steps back, To cross this channel, To dive a little deeper Almost there, Almost... Continue Reading →

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