Love never gets ticked off from our ‘TO GET’ list. We have strong memory of receiving it. Lack is only felt because you know what abundance felt like. Missing is only known to you, if presence was experienced first. We have received before, we can summon it again... Rupika Moitra

Seeking The Subtle

Seeked the Ether before? Or stumbled on the juice accidentally. Let’s make a promise to the new moon to be present and ready. It will pass us this cycle, let’s wait in stillness

Plain old artistic doodle

Someone tied the artist’s mind And trapped it inside egoic marketplace The ego’s orb allowed circling only around worldly shifting goalpost. The artist hid and doodled dreams of fantastical accomplishments OF finishing the story that continues to grow Still fantasising of those swirly ‘times of flow’ This artist that had touched the ether Lingering remembrance... Continue Reading →


Mind: Listen closely to what it says, slow the pace and pay attention. Then you can have a say Rupika Moitra


Stop the external games with self awhile. Check if you know the address of the higher self. The one that never abandons. Give her all the strength, all the love, all the power and never let go of ‘I’ Give her the valuable position of “I”


Context: Its been years of trying to keep orchids alive. Every season, we try and we decide no more after it dies. Then again charmed, we try. I just repotted my Cymbidium Orchid with prayers that it will soldier through and forgo past amateurism of feeds and watering routines. In life, what all we take... Continue Reading →

Day of Nurturer

Reflections: So much power have been taken away from the nurturer and given away to the provider and protector. The troubles of psyche suffered are connected to the troubles that nurturers endure and pass on. The new world that is conceived may recognise the promise of the womb and allow the surrender to that love.... Continue Reading →

I am love

My core is Love If you cut me, every pore oozes love Shred me, every piece reads love Try and drown me and you will submerse in love Try and chase me Chase yourself in chaste love I pour love, I exhale love I release love All that mixes comes out as love I am... Continue Reading →

bio- luminescent

April 2021 The supermoon is closest today. Like waves everything is on high tide. There’s no holding back. Distractions and losing self nothing will stop the flow. So I decided let’s manifest ‘I need to grow and glow’

Define Love

Love : I wish it was that simple to handout a roadmap -Rupika Moitra Love could have been simple if our minds weren’t anomalous it isn’t one dimensional love you because you are mine or love you because you are you I see you when you are around or I hold parts of you in... Continue Reading →

love is more thicker than forget by E. E. Cummings | Poetry Magazine

Enjoy this eternal Poem on full by E.E.Cummings. Full Moon night of April 2021 and don't forget to follow flutter and Glide. Buy the book on Amazon to journey with the poet. Flutter and Glide is available on Amazon love is more thicker than forget — Read on #poets2021

Choosing the mirror

I am part lavender The garden plants are a mirror Some hold the value To live only if cared for Some came with mind made up for thrive No particular reliance on the gardener Some blossom only for a year Embracing change Believing in rebirth Some hold onto Earth Packing many lifetimes in one Giving... Continue Reading →


Don’t let the smirk hurt you more, tell it to come back for the fireworks later instead The world seems to smirk When one is in pain We drag some through the mud to help them feel its bane Really, it’s a cry to share the load Can’t bury all this burning coal Churning of... Continue Reading →

I am Brown

I try to look away I try holding on to warmth Open the taps of wrath Isn’t there enough already Why Compounding that divisive odd

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